This is a Django package that helps you build email templates for your email engine sender (we recommend you use django-yubin). It uses the zurb foundation for emails templates and node packages such as inky or panini.

It provides you with some commands and functionality to integrate zurb foundation for emails in your django project.

  • install_requires: A command to install the required node packages, such as inky, panini, gulp, etc in your project.
  • create_basic_structure: It creates an essential tree structure in your project, that contains the basic layout and folders such as pages, helpers and partials, used by panini.
  • email_builder: Starts a gulp process that watches your source templates, builds them and finally copies them to your target email folder. It compiles the sources using panini and inky for the best compatibility with the major email’s client.

It also gives you a django view to preview the generated templates. For the preview, you can use a custom fixed context for each template, and this is very useful because it allows designers to edit the layouts.